“Stahlhelm” Veterans Organization Flag Bearers Gorget

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“Stahlhelm” Veterans Organization Flag Bearers Gorget-This scarcely seen gorget just so happens to be the heaviest of all gorgets produced! It is of a two-piece construction, with a shield shaped backing plate and separate decorative panel. The centerpiece shows a large, M-18 style helmet surrounded by a circle of oak leaves. Perched atop the oak leaves is a large eagle with a crown, and protruding from the wreath are two pairs of flags. The eagle has a sword clenched in one claw and a cluster of arrows in the other. It has a toned nickel finish that remains mostly intact, with minor discoloration to both the obverse and reverse. The neck chain is made up of two wire links held together by a solid link (24 solid links total). The reverse shows the three nuts used to hold the separate decorative panel and shield together. On the reverse are 5 lines inscribed "N.S.D.F.B / Gau Düsseldorf / Ortsgruppe / Jagerhof-Nord- / Kaiserswerth”. I do not get these often! Excellent condition!