Ten Years and Twenty Days Memoirs: Personalized by Karl Dönitz

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Ten Years and Twenty Days Memoirs: Personalized by Karl Dönitz- Commander of the U-boat fleet, Supreme Naval Commander, and finally Hitler's successor in the last days of the Third Reich, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz (1891-1980) has been condemned as a Nazi and praised as one of the most brilliant and honorable military leaders of the war. His "wolf-pack" tactics resulted in a handful of U-boats sinking 14.5 million tons and nearly deciding the Battle of the Atlantic. Sentenced to ten years at the Nuremberg Trials, Dönitz wrote his memoirs upon his release. In this book he discusses the planning and execution of the U-boat campaign; the controversial sinking of the Laconia; America's "neutrality" before its entry into the war; the Normandy invasion; the July 1944 bomb plot; his encounters with Raeder, Goring, Speer, Himmler, and Hitler; as well as his own brief tenure as the last Fuhrer. Introduced by two acclaimed historians who knew Dönitz well, this invaluable work allows the reader to view the war at sea through Dönitz. This book has been personalized and autographed by Dönitz in 1958. Also included in with this book is a packet of candid photos, 8 in total, that were taken at his funeral in 1980. There are also two postcards of his grave included.  A very special collectible!