Third Reich 3D Stereo Photo Book II; DER KAMPF IM WESTEN (Fight in the West)

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Third Reich 3D Stereo Photo Book II; DER KAMPF IM WESTEN (Fight in the West)-Contain 100 battle photographs; all photos are intact as is the viewer. No instruction booklet with this one. Book contains 77 pages with color photos that depict various Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe units in the field. It was originally published in München in 1940 as the second volume in a two-volume combat book set with the subtitle “Die Soldaten des Führers im Felde” (Soldiers of the Führer in the Field). The first volume was called Der Polen Feldzug 1939. The die cut outs in the hard cover book contain the viewer as well as 100 photo cards, measuring 5" x 2-2/7". All photos are intact and in good condition, though some are slightly faded. Book cover is a blue linen, and does have some damage to its spine. There is scuffing on the corners of the front and back. The inside cutout that holds the viewer has been torn, so the viewer slides out easily. Among the 100 three-dimensional views are photos of Waffen-SS, Police, Wehrmacht dog handlers, carrier pigeon troops, assault boat teams, heavy flak batteries, field guns, Panzer troops, anti-tank units, bridge builders and engineers, medical evacuation units, field kitchens, etc. Book pages are clean inside, and overall, in sound condition.