Third Reich Allgemeine SS Officer Visor Cap, Named to Bde. Klingemann

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Third Reich Allgemeine SS Officer Visor Cap, Named to Bde. Klingemann-This is an issue quality cap that is in fantastic condition overall! Important note to immediately mention….the SKULL is a POST WAR REPLICA (SEE BELOW THOUGH!) and included at no charge. With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. The soft black wool is flawless and very clean. The white piping is fully intact. The soft black velvet center band is beautiful and the handsome tombak eagle really stands out. It is missing a lot of the finish which reveals the underlying base metal and it is striking. The chin cord is an officer type in silver bullion. The buttons are silver finished pebbled metal. The visor is shiny black vulkanfibre. The underside is finished in an orange brown hue and it has the RZM ink stamp. The interior is fully lined in black rayon that is in great condition. The rhomboid shaped moisture shield is a bit loose but otherwise fully intact. There is a paper tag in the slot with the name “Bde. Klingemann”. OK, so you see “Bde” and say this is not a general’s visor and you would be correct. We can only find one Brigadeführer named Gottfried Klingemann and he was in the Waffen SS. However, the vast majority of W-SS high ranking officers started out in the A-SS So this is a a bit of a mystery. A Bridageführer would normally have silver bullion piping but this could have been his old cap from his days in the Allgemeine-SS. The sweatband is very soft brown leather. It is clean and has just minor wear and tear. Underneath is a large black RZM tag with the maker noted as number 143. This is for August Müller of Munich. His caps are known to have this type of black rayon interior. The cap is a size 58. Very nice! 

UPDATE! We have now secured a fantastic, beautifully matching ORIGINAL skull.  The price on the skull (see pics) is $1,650.00 but available with to the purchaser of the cap for $1,400.00.