Third Reich Police Model 1935 Double Decal Helmet***THIS IS ON HOLD BG***

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Third Reich Police Model 1935 Double Decal Helmet-This example has a smooth, dark field grey finish that remains mostly intact. The left side has a toned, non-bordered police decal that remains 85% intact. The right side has a party shield that is bordered, toned and remains 80% intact. The liner has a lot of wear and tear with some discoloration as well. It is however very soft and supple and has its drawstring. There is a reinforced aluminum liner band that is maker marked, dated 1938 and size stamped 64/57. The side of the interior is stamped NS 64 indicating production by Nickelwerke of Schwerte in the size of 64. The rear skirt is stamped with the lot number D145. You can see the original dome acceptance stamp. The brown leather chinstrap is missing the end of the longer section. It is worn and a bit stiff too. A good example overall!