Third Reich RAD Faithful Service Award (12 Year)

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Third Reich RAD Faithful Service Award (12 Year)-This is the silver aluminum version awarded for 12 years faithful service. The swastika on the spade has stalks of barley surrounded by an oak leaf border and a dedication on reverse. An original very short plain cornflower blue ribbon is included. The award is still attached to the cardboard that was part of the Salesman display for a Wilhelm Deumer presentation. Very nice example! 

History:  The RAD, (National Labor Service), was formed in June 1935 by consolidating earlier male labor services into a single organization under control of the NSDAP. On its official formation RAD service became compulsory, with all German citizens between 19 and 25 years of age required to enlist for a six-month term. The RAD was administered by a core of full time, permanent employees. In January ‘38, Hitler instituted the National Labor long service award, in four classes, in recognition of honorable long service for the cadre personnel of the RAD. The awards came in two distinct designs with one design for men and the other design for women. The four classes of the award consisted of the first-class medal for twenty-five years of service, the second-class medal for eighteen years of service, the third-class medal for twelve years of service and the fourth-class medal for four years of service.