Three Document Grouping for a Police Officer

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Three Document Grouping for a Police Officer-The first is dated October 29, 1924, and it is his appointment certificate as a police NCO.  This has a full signature, which I do not recognize.  The second document is a large format example, measuring 8 1/4” by 11 ½” presented to Master of the State Police, Frederich Voss.  It is for his War Merit Medal; it has an incised stamp in the lower left corner and a facsimile Meissner signature.  The third is the scarcest and is for the 18 year police long service award. It's dated the 28th of February 1941 and has a facsimile signature of Otto  Meissner who was the Chief of the Presidential Chancellery of the Führer and Chancellor". Bargain priced.