US Photo Album

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US Photo Album-This is a very cool little album. The album itself is made of a brown leather that is embossed in a floral design around the edges, with a gold painted “label” in the center that says Photographs. This box measures 14 inches by 11 inches in size. These photographs start in 1943 and appear to be photos from training. The same boys are in a lot of the photos, you can see Tony and Bobby-Joe as they go through training, KP, and other activities.  Almost all of the photos are captioned. This book contains approx. 90 black and white photos, with a number of photos not mounted in the book, but loose. These loose photos have dates and captions on the reverse of the photo as well. It might be a fun research project as you we have full names, and hometowns in the captions. This is an interesting look into 1943, when American kids were getting ready to ship overseas to fight. A great collectible.