US WWII Insulated Canteen

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US WWII Insulated Canteen-Why is it that all of the US gear always looks like it means business. This canteen is no exception. The steel canteen body is nicely toned and only shows a few very slight dents. It has a black bakelite screw on the cover with a cork insert. This is attached to the body by a light chain. The canteen is marked and dated on the bottom “U.S. Vollrath 1944”. The insulated tan canvas cover is quilted. This cover is lined on the inside with a gray felt. The front of this insulated bag has a large black stamp that reads “D060107 U.S”.  On the reverse of the case is the maker’s name Foley MFG Co. 1943. There is a tan webbed reinforcement loop that allows an attachment to slide through. Inside this pack is a metal canteen cup that has a folding handle. This cup is marked on the bottom of the handle with “U.S. AGM Co. 1945”. This cup sits at the bottom of the insulated pouch and the canteen body fits into this cup. All branches of the US armed forces used the same canteen. Great condition.