Veteran Bring Back German WWII DAF Podium Banner

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Veteran Bring Back German WWII DAF Podium Banner-This is an interesting one and we have never seen another like this. This is a one-sided podium banner made of a lightweight red bunting. This is a multi-piece, high quality flag, with a multi piece cogwheel and swastika with white trim. This flag measures 54 inches long (137.16cm) by 42 inches wide (106.68cm) including the 2 ½ inches (6.35cm) of white fringe. The white is slightly age toned. The interesting part of this flag is the strap and steel clip set up at the hoist end and sides. These are 6 of these clips with matching straps. We purchased this banner directly from the veteran’s family. we will supply the name of this soldier to the buyer.