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Vincere-An Italian book with a striking silver hardcover. This book is printed in Italian, and has a very interesting format. It is almost laid out like a magazine, and I believe it is part of a series as it is numbered 103 on the inside from cover. Printed in 1940 there is some war propaganda printed along with history of Rome and Italy itself. This book is in good condition. This hardcover is covered in a beige linen material, but the front has a large silver plate that displays an imperial Italian eagle. Interesting that you can see that someone has lightly sketched an Iron Cross on the neck of the eagle. This book was brough home by a US Paratrooper and you can see the paratrooper stamp on the inside of the front and back cover. You can see the motto, “FROM THE SKY WE LEAD”, which is the motto of Company G, Third Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne Division. We do not have the name of this paratrooper, but it is a very interesting bring back, and I’m certain a great story went along with it, that is now lost to time.