Walking Stick for Luftwaffe Colonel Walther Gericke

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Walking Stick for Luftwaffe Colonel Walther Gericke-This is a carved wooden folk-art cane that measures 36 ½” overall with a brass & steel tip. The entire shaft of the cane is plain but relief carved, “M Jr. WALTHER GERICKE POLEN 1939. DANEMARK und NORWEGEN . 1940 . NORMANDIE . 1944 BELGIEN . HOLLAND . 1940 . KRETA . AFRIKA . RUBLAND CASSINO”. The pommel of the cane naturally swells to nearly a sphere with the front of the pommel depicting a WWI EKI and the rear of the pommel depicting an Army Fallschirmjäger badge. Oberst Walter Gericke was a well decorated paratrooper & wore the “CRETE” cuff title. He was awarded the EKI and EKII, DKiG & the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. He was a battalion commander during the Battle of the Netherlands as well as the Battle of Crete. He later commanded Fallschirmjäger Regiment 11 & fought in the Defense of Anzio. After the war, he became a Major General in the West German Bundeswehr. We have included copies of information on Oberst Walter Gericike. The cane shows light to moderate wear & obviously saw significant use by its owner. Amazing!