WHW Winterhilfswerk “Weihnachten in Jedem Deutschen Haus Tinnie

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WHW Winterhilfswerk “Weihnachten in Jedem Deutschen Haus Tinnie-This is another tinnie presented in 1933 by the Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (Winter Relief Agency of the German People). It is a Christmas pin that was issued to those who donated to this Nazi Party charity. The details on this example are great. This is a round tinnie that measures 27mm in diameter. It is made of a stamped aluminum. It shows a house and a pine tree in the center, with footprints leading up to the house in the snow. The gothic script surrounds the badge on the edge. This pin is very clean, on both front and back. The horizontal pin does appear to have been re-attached at some point, you can see the additional solder. The pin is solidly affixed and works just fine. Gorgeous tinnie.