Wrangel Model-Patent 1693 WWII German Army Officer’s Sword by Eickhorn***STILL AVAILABLE***

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Wrangel Model-Patent 1693 WWII German Army Officer’s Sword by Eickhorn- This is the Eickhorn patent 1693 from the Field Marshall series. This model is referred to as the “Wrangel.” It was named after “Frederich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel” who was born on 4/13/1784 and died on 11/2/1877. He was a Generalfieldmarshall in the Prussian army. This is a desirable example with a nicely toned brass hilt. There is a spot of verdigris on one side of the crossguard, so please be sure to look closely at the photos. This is a dove head style with open winged eagle on the obverse langet. The black celluloid handle with triple brass wire is perfect. The blade has the model 1935-41 squirrel logo and rates excellent. The scabbard paint checks in at 85%. This sword measures in at approx. 37 inches in length. Overall condition near excellent. 

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