WW2 German Army Cavalry Visor Cap w/Traditional Badge

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WW2 German Army Cavalry Visor Cap w/Traditional Badge-This is a great looking piece. It is an “other ranks” cap that was upgraded to an officer cap. The body is field grey trikot weave wool. There is ever so slight discoloration and wear plus a few tiny holes. The yellow cavalry piping is excellent. The center band is dark green badge cloth. The insignia is all aluminum and finished in silver. There is a wicked cool traditional badge in bullion that was added by the wearer. There is an officer style silver cloth double chin cord. There are silver finished pebbled metal buttons. The visor is black vulkanfibre and it is excellent with minor fading. The underside is crosshatched and finished in an orange brown hue. The interior is fully lined in orange brown cloth. It is “as new”. The rhomboid shaped moisture shield is fully intact. The size, 59 ½, is stamped underneath. There is a paper name tag in the slot. There is an additional stamping that reads “R.R.-VI”. The orange brown sweatband is ersatz leather. There is one tear but otherwise it is excellent. There are ink stamps underneath. This includes the date, 1938, plus “Landes-Leif.-Genossenschaft Kürschner u. Mützenmacher für Thüringen, 8”. This is a cooperative cap maker stamp. Excellent!