WW2 German “Tigerfibel’ Training Manual

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WW2 German “Tigerfibel’ Training Manual-Tigerfibel is a crew instruction manual for the Panzer VI Tiger heavy tank and the Panzer V Panther medium tank. This was intended to summarize what the crew needed to know for day-to-day use of the tank and to capture their interest. It is well illustrated in comic-style and much of the text is written as poetry in a humorous manner. The Fibel is remarkably different from the typical tedious style of a German tank manual of that period. The manuals were approved by Heinz Guderian, the Inspector-General of Panzer troops. In the case of the Panther manual, he issued his approval in the manual's rhyming style, ending with the words, Die Pantherfibel ist genehmigt; wer sie nicht kennt, der wird erledigt (roughly "The Panther primer is approved; who knows it not will be removed.") This example is complete with all pages and shows very minor wear only. A very interesting piece of kit!