WWII German Army Standard Bearers Gorget

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WWII German Army Standard Bearers Gorget-This is a unique example! At one point (as told by the person we bought it from) it was owned by a “Harley” guy who wore it while riding his motorcycle. He drilled two small holes in the gorget and attached a thick chain to it. The chain is now removed but it is included (see pics). Otherwise, this is unaltered. It is produced in zinc with a darkly toned finish. Each corner has a boss with an oak leaf cluster. The central motif is of a large army style eagle superimposed over a set of flags with tassels. There are three tabs on the reverse….one each for the ends of the chain and another for a buttonhole. The center tab is maker marked with the C.E. Juncker maker name. The original green badge cloth backing is present. It has some minor wear and discoloration but is firmly attached and fully intact. A very interesting example that will sell quickly!