WWII German Army Visor Cap for Infantry Other Ranks Personnel

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WWII German Army Visor Cap for Infantry Other Ranks Personnel-This cap is produced in trikot woven field grey wool that is in overall good condition. There is minor wear, discoloration and a few small holes here and there. There is white (discolored) piping around the top panel and at the upper and lower edges of the dark green badge cloth center band. The insignia consists of an aluminum eagle with all of its silver finish intact to go along with a very nice nickel finished tombak wreath and cockade. There is a red felt bullseye in the cockade. The black patent leather chinstrap is a bit faded but otherwise ok. The black vulkanfibre visor is still tightly affixed, having minor crazing and fading only. The underside of the visor is cross hatched and finished in an orange brown hue. The interior is fully lined in orange brown cloth. There is minor wear and discoloration inside. The rhomboid shaped moisture shield is fully intact. There is an ink stamp indicating that the size is a huge size 61. The brown ersatz leather sweatband is excellent aside from minor discoloration and it being a bit stiff. There are two ink stamps on its underside. One is the manufacturer plus the date and the other is an issued stamp, indicating that this was assigned to a member of 3./J.R. 119. A nice looking cap!