WWII German De-Nazified Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp

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WWII German De-Nazified Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp-Heroic deeds by Army soldiers for actions performed above and beyond the requirements for receiving the Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class were entered on the “Honor Roll of the German Army” from July 1941 - but there was no actual award created for this distinction. In January of 1944, Hitler instituted the Honor Roll Clasp of the Army as a physical award. The Navy followed suit in May 1944 and - not to be outclassed by those services - Göring hustled to institute the “Ehrenblatt der deutschen Luftwaffe” (“Honor Roll of the German Luftwaffe”) with a corresponding physical award. The first was issued on 5 August 1944. This particular example is in sound condition. It is a handsomely gilded, stamped metal oak leaf wreath ring surrounding a Luftwaffe eagle. The clasp is mounted on an Iron Cross ribbon. The clasp’s gilt finish is intact, the ribbon spotless.  This clasp has had the swastika buffed off as the outline is there but the swastika has been mostly removed. Two of the prongs are missing. The details are striking, and the ribbon is in good condition. Interesting item!