WWII German Luftwaffe Summer Flyer's Cap with Avionics

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WWII German Luftwaffe Summer Flyer's Cap with Avionics- This is the summer version with the brown cloth netting. There are some holes and tears with missing material. The brown leather ear phones show minor wear but are otherwise fine. The brown leather strap with the throat microphone, it is in excellent condition and is fully intact. The avionics cord is also fully intact and in great shape. The oval earphones are fleece padded. The translucent plastic earphone covers (beneath the fleece) are marked “Ln 26602”. One of them is missing a small piece. There is a nomenclature tag at the rear of the helmet nicely marked with the Baumuster (Model type) LkpN101, and a reddish-pink ink Luftwaffe acceptance stamp. The manufacturer is noted as BXO with the size given as 59. The description of the cap is "NETZKOPFHAUBE" the date is 1942. The ordnance code indicates the manufacturer was Deutsche Telephonwerke and Kabelindustrie A.-G., Berlin SO 36. Someone wrote "Baron von Richtofen" onto the seam of the interior. My guess is that this did not belong to the "Red Baron" HA HA. Good condition!