WWII German Political Standarte

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WWII German Political Standarte-This handsome piece is produced in red bunting material. It is two sided, each side containing a separately applied white cloth disc and separately applied multi piece black cloth swastika. Six of the original rings are in place for hanging. There is a cloth loop at the corner for hanging, but this cloth loop has been torn. The upper corner of one side has a light blue badge cloth box which is trimmed in a blue and white twisted thread. White chain stitched script reads " 19/32."  The fringe attached to all sides, except the hoist end is a gold metallic thread, and is all intact and in very good condition. This standarte measures 54“ long by 50“  wide. (4ft). There are some very small holes, and slight age discoloration in the white disc, but overall, this standarte is in near excellent condition!