WWII US M-1 Helmet

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WWII US M-1 Helmet-This example is by McCord. The finish remains mostly intact. It is a swivel bale with a front seam. The OD 3 fixed chinstrap has minor wear and discoloration only. The buckle and clip are black finished steel, the clip is bent/damaged. The liner is a transitional example with rayon suspension by Westinghouse. The finish is mostly intact. There is minor discoloration and wear to the suspension.The washers are rectangular and the headband is reinforced. The nape strap is the traditional green kind. There are square wire retainers for the leather sweatband, which has some wear and discoloration from use. It is the clip in type, not the snap in type. The owner wrote his ID, C 8254, onto the suspension. The chinstrap is the riveted type and it is in good condition overall. An interesting example!