10 Questions with Bill Shea: Third Reich collecting a safe gamble? Part 3

PART 3...
Back in the Fall of 2014, Bill was interviewed by Military Trader Magazine, and asked several questions pertaining to the health of the Third Reich Market.  We plan to post many of these interview questions as Bill provides some great pointers, as well as some amazing stories.  The following is what was included in this interview...
Although Bill offers a wide range of military relics, he is best-known for his expertise on WWII militaria. With more than 50 years’ experience (now 60 years) in buying, selling, trading and collecting, he has a very good sense of the ebbs and flows of the hobby. We are pleased to offer his response to our:
“10 Questions on the Health of the Third Reich Market.”

Military Trader: Helmets, caps, daggers, medals, flags, uniforms—there is so much variety under the umbrella of “Third Reich.” What advice would you give a new collector when faced with a nearly unlimited variety of choices?


   Bill Shea: Honestly, collect what you like. New collectors usually start out by buying anything that has a swastika. The bigger the better and they start out with an accumulation.

After a while, they find a niche, something that really appeals to them and their budget. Then, they purchase the reference books and find the forum on that specific area.



They find out what it takes and have fun gathering the common, then the scarce, and eventually, try to advance to the rarer items within that genre or field of militaria.

The interview Q&A with Military Trader will continue next week.....stay tuned!!