The Origin of "The Ruptured Duck" Insignia

The original Ruptured Duck was a cloth insignia depicting an eagle inside a wreath. It was worn on uniforms above the right breast pocket by WWII servicemen and women.
It was issued to service personnel who were about to leave the military with an Honorable Discharge. It also allowed them to continue to wear their uniform for up to thirty days after they were discharged since there was a clothing shortage at that time. This showed the MP's that they were in transit and not AWOL. Well, the boys thought the eagle looked more like a duck; and, because it meant they were going home, the popular saying was, "They took off like a Ruptured Duck"...hence the nickname.
Bill's father served in the Navy during WWII aboard the aircraft carrier Shangri-La. He has his Father's "Ruptured Duck". What better way to appeal to the nostalgia of that period in our history?