Consignments Insight from Bill Shea

Consignments Insight from Bill Shea



I do receive numerous requests to take items on consignment.


I turn down 99% of these for the following listed reasons:

1) Consignments come with a number of responsibilities. I prefer owning the
items I sell and therefore assume full responsibility for them.
2) Consignments require a separate bookkeeping system and this can
become very protracted and drawn out.
3) Consignments make the owner wait for payment, not only after the item
is sold but, in many cases, so I’ve been told, months after the item is
physically sold to a new owner.
4) Buying items outright gets the money into your pocket immediately.
Many times, the reason people are selling is because they need the money
now, not months or years down the road.
5) I am willing will to put my 55+ years of experience & money up front and
assume responsibility not only for the item itself but also its originality.
This is why I offer the lifetime, money back guarantee regarding
originality for every item we offer.
6) We are investing our time, money and expertise to offer you
a piece of true history and PEACE OF MIND!!
Until next time,


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