Part 2 of 3

Compare them to the Hollywood simpletons of today.

The following is the continuing list of Hollywoods Greatest, who have made this amazing sacrifice.  See if you recognize any of these handsome greats.


Neville Brand

US Army, Europe.  WWII. Was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

Tyrone Power

US Marines.  WWII. Transport pilot in the Pacific Theater.

Charlton Heston

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. Radio operator and aerial gunner on a B-25, Aleutians.


Danny Aiello

US Army.  WWII. Lied about his age to enlist at 16.  Served three years.

James Arness

US Army.  WWII. As part of the 3rd Army Infantry Division, he was severely wounded at Anzio, Italy.

Efram Zimbalist, Jr.

US Army.  WWII. Purple Heart for a severe wound received at Huertgen Forest.

Mickey Spillane

US Army Air Corps, Fighter Pilot and later Instructor Pilot.

Rod Serling

US Army.  11th Airborne Division in the Pacific. WWII. He jumped at Tagaytay in the Philippines and was later wounded in Manila.

Gene Autry

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. Crewman on transports that ferried supplies over "The Hump" in the China-Burma-India Theater.

William Holden

 US Army Air Corps.  WWII. Served 1942-1945. His brother, a U.S. Navy pilot, was killed in the Pacific in 1944.

Alan Hale, Jr.

US Coast Guard. WWII. E-3 Seaman.

Russell Johnson

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. B-24 crewman who was awarded Purple Heart when his aircraft was shot down by the Japanese in the Philippines.

William Conrad

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. Fighter Pilot, Single Engine Fighter, Captain.

Jack Klugman

US Army.  WWII. Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, and was with one of the first troops to land on Omaha Beach.

Frank Sutton

US Army.  WWII, Took part in 14 assault landings, including Leyte, Luzon, Bataan and Corregidor.

Jackie Coogan

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. Volunteered for gliders and flew troops and materials into Burma behind enemy lines.

Tom Bosley

US Navy. WWII. Radioman, Seaman 1st Class.

Claude Akins

US Army.  WWII, Signal Corps., Burma and the Philippines.


Chuck Connors

US Army.  WWII. Tank-warfare instructor.

Harry Carey Jr.

US Navy. WWII. United States medical corpsman.

Mel Brooks

US Army.  WWII. Combat Engineer.  Saw action in the Battle of the Bulge.

Robert Altman

US Army Air Corps.  WWII. B-24 Co-Pilot.

Pat Hingle

US Navy, WWII. Destroyer USS Marshall

Fred Gwynne

US Navy. WWII, Radioman.

Karl Malden

US Army Air Corps. WWII, 8th Air Force, NCO.

Earl Holliman

US Navy, WWII  Lied about his age to enlist. 
Discharged after a year when the Navy found out.

Rock Hudson

US Navy, WWII.  Aircraft mechanic, the Philippines.

Harvey Korman

US Navy, WWII. Seaman 1st Class.

Aldo Ray

US Navy, WWII. UDT frogman, Okinawa.

Don Knotts

US Army, WWII Pacific Theater, Technician Grade 5 equivalent to Corporal.
To be continued...

  They took it as their "responsibility", their "duty" to Country, to protect and preserve our freedoms and way of life, not just for themselves but for all future generations to come.  

Stay tuned as our list of celebrities continues....