Relive the 2013 Band of Brothers Experience with the Ruptured Duck! (PART 2)

Relive the 2013 Band of Brothers Experience with the Ruptured Duck! (PART 2)

Monument to the heroes on the bridge
Hartenstein Airborne Museum in Arnhem - A MUST-SEE!!
Museum building, Hartenstein House.  This Building was also Headquarters of General Roy Urquhart CO of the British 1st Airborne Division

Fitting tribute at Museum to the local people and their suffering

One of several spectacular dioramas at the museum
Schoonderlogt, 2nd Battalion Headquarters, where Dick Winters stayed during the time on the Island, when his was the 2nd Battalion EXO.  It's also a sneak peek at what's still to come!
Major Richard Winters at his HQ in Holland, October 1944
Great view of the Farm Manor where then Captain Winters posed for the photo
Our group (note the Paratrooper in the background HA HA!)
Bill, 69 years later, standing in the same spot
Bill greeted by a smiling friend!
Patrick and tour guide Jake Powers
Tribute on bridge at Opheusden, Holland
"Crossroads", this is the field Easy Company crossed and attacked a German Company.  Despite a second German Company crossing the dike for reinforcement, the Americans prevailed.  This was portrayed in the mini-series with Captain Winters leading the attack
"Crossroads" story
Here is the field where the Germans were stationed.  The road is where Winters crossed and encountered a single German soldier.  Ironically, this is where he fired his weapon for the last time
Copy of map of area with Dick Winters notes, explaining the attack
Monument at "Crossroads".  We could feel the spirit of all of the soldiers that were once there
Day 8:  Our visit to the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, The Netherlands
Monument and reflecting area
Soldiers from many countries, including these Dutch who had come to reflect on their predecessors
Our conscientious tour guide provided us with flowers and an opportunity to pay tribute to individual soldiers.  We were selected to lay flowers at the grave of Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole of "Cole's Charge"
Inside the monument
One of our group member's husband served with the 106th Infantry during the Bulge.  Here is a monument in St. Vith, Belgium, honoring their heroism.  They suffered heavy losses here.  This is approximately 34 miles from our next stop, Bastogne!
Our road into Bastogne was different from what the men saw in December, 1944
This tank, part of the 10th Armored Division, was knocked out around Bastogne and now sits in the Square as a tribute to the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought to liberate Bastogne and Belgium
The 101st Museum in Bastogne
At the museum, one of several dozen great dioramas.  A must-see stop on the tour!
Yet another realistic portrayal of what these soldiers endured
Our accommodations at the Hotel Melba in Bastogne were 'slightly' better than what was offered in December 1944!
The view from our private deck!
Day 9:  Bastogne Barracks, where the 101st were headquartered, about 6km from Foy
Building where the Headquarters was located
While the Troops were freezing and starving less than 6KM away, the Headquarters Staff enjoyed a hot Christmas meal
An incredible diorama depicting the scene in the exact same location
Here is the exact nook where the famous "NUTS" response was typed...want to know the real story? Ask us!
There were several more interior displays which accurately depicted this historical event
Some of the weaponry that was displayed at the Bastogne
A grouping of relics (both United States and Axis) dug from around the Bastogne area
More relics
The Vehicle Restoration Center displayed multiple, impressive vehicles of every shape and description
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center
Vehicle Restoration Center, one of the dozens of tanks and armored vehicles
Too bad, Bill was disappointed that this Hertzer wouldn't fit into his luggage!



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