Relive the 2013 Band of Brothers Experience with the Ruptured Duck! (PART 3)

Relive the 2013 Band of Brothers Experience with the Ruptured Duck! (PART 3)

The Barracks at Bastogne
Bois Jacques, a.k.a. Jack's Wood, in Foy, which is a Village of Bastogne
A significant monument commemorating those who served, including Easy Company
"May the world never forget"
These are part of the "1,000 Yard Patrol" through the Bois Jacques
Put yourself here in December '44 through January '45
Talk about fate ~ once we left the woods, we encountered two young Airmen.  The Sergeant on the right was taking his oath, having re-enlisted for six more years.  The Captain on the left...his name is WINTER!
A group photo, we were all very proud to be a part of this impromptu occasion
Looking through the woods across the field on to the Village of Foy, just as the boys did
A profound moment
Fox holes in Bois Jacques, Foy
Not all monuments have to be fancy...
Looking back across the field from the Village of Foy to where the boys attacked from
Here is the field and road through Foy that Ronald Speirs ran through German lines to hook up with other Units...then proceeded to run back!
This window (center top), is where a German sniper had been firing onto United States Troops.  Shifty Powers took care of that!
Our tour guide, Jake Powers, relates the tragedy regarding five wounded GI's, who were found murdered when this area was re-taken
The Chapel in Foy, September 2013
That same Chapel in January 1945
A German cemetery in Foy
The Chapel at the German cemetery
The lines of headstones at the German cemetery
Most have six or more soldiers buried in one spot, including unknowns
The church in the Village of Noville, Bastogne, which is 7 miles Northeast of Foy
A historical marker with a very famous photograph
Showing Major Winters (5:00) going over battle plans, with the same church at the top left of the photo
Bill standing in the same spot as the Major in the above photograph
"Le Nut's" Cafe in Bastogne Square...YUM!!
The Municipality of Houffalize, a strategic location during the Bulge.  Monty and Patton met here in a counter-attack maneuver against the Germans
This Panther V was wreaking havoc on the town and couldn't be stopped - until we blew out a bridge while it was crossing!
It now resides downtown on display
Panzerkampfwagen V Panther ausfuhrung G. in Houffalize
Panzerkampfwagen V Panther ausfuhrung G. in Houffalize
Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
The Memorial at Luxembourg
Headstones in Luxembourg
Alex Penkala, who was killed in a foxhole in Foy during the Bulge
Warren "Skip" Muck was killed at the same time as his good friend Penkala
Bill at the grave of General George S. Patton
Day 10:  Next stop, Haguenau, France, in the Northeast Alsace Region.  It was occupied during WWII by Germany but eventually returned to France in early 1945 after the Americans, including the 506th, cleared and regained the city
St. Georges Church in Haguenau
Fishers Gate, Haguenau
This is the river in Haguenau that Easy Company was ordered to cross and capture enemies to make them talk.  Here is where young Lieutenant Jones volunteered to lead the patrol but Winters declined, instead, allowing him to take part.  It is also where Private Eugene Jackson was killed by a malfunctioning grenade.  The house in the background is where the Germans were, and the Americans were sent in to take P.O.W.s.
Another shot of the river
This house across the river is where an Easy Company Veteran recalls a German machine gun was positioned in the top window
The tour group.  The river runs under a bridge behind us



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