German WWII Hunting Cutlass by Eickhorn***on hold for CP***

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German WWII Hunting Cutlass by Eickhorn-This cutlass measures approx. 19 inches long from the ball on the hilt, to the tip of the blade. This has a beautiful stag handle with a gorgeous brass hunting insignia emblem affixed. The handle is slightly loose probably from a tiny bit of shrinkage. This has solid brass fittings throughout and they show light even wear. The stag leg cross guard and clamshell silver has toned. The silver scabbard fittings are nicely toned, and the acorn insignia at the top is beautifully detailed. The black leather on the scabbard has light scuffing but considering its age, it is still in very nice shape. The triple engraved blade depicts a different hunting scene on each side. The back strap is also etched. The blade is in very good condition. There is a presentation on one side of the blade, V.P to P.A.B April 23rd, 1945. Quite intriguing. The other side of the blade has the iconic squirrel logo for Eickhorn. This is a great offering.   ON HOLD FOR CP 

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