Italian WWII Fascist Pennant for Genova

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Italian WWII Fascist Pennant for Genova-This is a gorgeous pennant, made out of a white, green and red bunting. One side has a gorgeous, embroidered patch that has the map of Italy, with Sicily, and Malta/ Over this map is a fascist bundle embroidered in a gold bullion which is just beautifully hand done. The banner itself is embroidered in gold script that says “SINDACATO PROV LE FASCISTA / LAVORTI PANETTIERI.PASTICCIERI ED AFFINI”. This translates to “Fascist Provisional Trade Union of Bakeries & Pastries or Similar”.  Pretty fancy banner for a bakery union! The back of this pennant has GENOVA (Genoa) embroidered in a gold bullion script as well. The white has some age discoloration, and some slight yellow staining, but the Italian flag colors of the pennant are still very nice.  This flag measures 29 inches long by 13 inches wide. Perfect display size!