Luftwaffe Operational Flying Clasps

These decorations were created by an order dated January 30th, 1941. This is a series of operational flying clasps which were introduced for flight crews. They indicated the type of a squadron that the individual was assigned to and also identified the number of operational flights. Flying personnel eligible for these decorations included all of the flight members, mechanics, correspondents, and also members of the navigation and engineering units which assisted these squadrons. They were initially awarded in three classes: bronze for 20 flights, silver for 60 flights, and gold for 110 or more flights. The definition of a flight was specifically detailed in the regulations. By the middle of 1942, due to the increased number of operational flights, pennants were added to the bottom of the decoration to indicate the increased number of operational sorties. Please note as these descriptions will apply to the following offerings. Please also note that more than 50% of these awards are unmarked and that is not a liability to their originality or value.

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