Platterhof Hotel Tableware

WWII Hotel Tableware Militaria

The following series of items is a recent acquisition directly from Germany and I have every reason to believe these have never been in a collection. They came to me nestled in an old wooden crate using hay for protection. These are all from the famous Platterhof Hotel located in the Berghof complex in Berchtesgaden. During the Third Reich, this was a grand hotel and stood only a couple of hundred yards from Hitler’s home. Countless famous people stayed at or visited the Platterhof Hotel, including the entourage of many Axis leaders who were visiting Hitler during his stays at the complex. The distinctive logo on pre-1945 pieces depicts a peasant woman with mountains rising behind her, surrounded by an oval outline. The logo may have been inspired by one of the previous owners whose name was Maurita Mayer. She was well liked in the area and after her death, the hotel became known as the "Platterhof".  Moritz was widely assumed to have inspired the character of "Judith Platter" in a Richard Voss novel entitled Zwei Menschen (Two People).

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After World War II, the United States government restored the damaged hotel to its former glory in 1952, and renamed it the General Walker Hotel. General Walker had been killed in action in 1952. It was designated an Armed Forces Recreation Center. Many original fixtures, furnishings and design pieces taken from the Platterhof, and other notable Reich buildings in the area, were used in the reconstruction and the hotel. It was closed in the early 1990's and when I visited the site in 1994, it was totally vacant and unused. It was returned to the Bavarian Government in 1995 and unfortunately demolished in 2000.

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