Seven Document Grouping for Member of Panzer Jäger Unit

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Seven Document Grouping for Member of Panzer Jäger Unit-All seven of these award documents were given to Hans Eggerstedt who was a member of 1./ Panzer Jäger Abteilung 240 and 2./ Panzer Jäger Abteilung 30. These documents tell us that he had promotions from Gefreiter to Obergefreiten to Unteroffizier. The documents included are as follows:

EKII on 7.12.41

General Assault Badge on 15.7.42

Black Wound Badge on 20.9.42

Krim Shield on 16.2.43

Driver Qualification Badge in Bronze on 20.6.43

Silver Wound Badge on 6.8.44

Driver Qualification Badge in Silver on 2.9.44

The document for the Krim Shield has an auto pen signature of Generalfeldmarschal von Manstein. The EKII document and the General Assault document are signed by generals. Thanks to Tom, our research guru, we can now state the following:

This guy, Hans Eggerstedt was a member of 1./Pz.Jg.Abt 240 and then 2./Pz.Jg.Abt 30 from sometime after 20 June 1943. Pz.Jg.Abt 30 was part of 30. Infanterie Division which got caught in Kurland, East Prussia.

Sadly the Volksbund lists a Hans Gerhard EGGERSTEDT as MIA in Ostpreussen (East Prussia) from 01.01.1945, could be the same person.  All documents are in fine condition!