Sake Cups

Drinking Sake in Japan has been a tradition for centuries. That tradition extended to all branches of the service and the companies that made these cups were well aware of a new emerging industry. The result was the production of millions of these little drinking cups being hand painted and adorned with every conceivable symbol or branch of the service. Many were specifically made for certain units. Not only would the serviceman carry them with them, when permitted, but also this treat would be reserved for special occasions when there was a time for celebrating. 
In addition, the families back home would also have these in the cupboards and sip to the health, success and return of their family members who were far from home. Many of these survived and some were brought home by US serviceman as souvenirs.
Sake cups are a very inexpensive way to collect artifacts from WWII and there is such a variety, you can build an extensive collection and never have a duplicate. Please enjoy our fine selection of sake cups with no single cup costing more than $35!

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