Well folks, here is your opportunity to acquire a piece of historic silverware from a famous location where many important meetings took place, at a fraction of the price of Adolf Hitler silverware or Hermann Göring train silverware. These came from the huge castle at Klessheim near Salzburg Austria. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT THE CASTLE) 

Because of its proximity to the mountains of Obersalzburg, Hitler held many important meetings here with prominent heads of state from other Axis nations. Therefore, it was properly appointed with the best of the best when it came to silverware and china. In 1945, a huge cache of medals and decorations was sent to the Castle (Schloss) at Klessheim and many stories of treasure have emerged from veterans of the Third Division who located and occupied this auspicious location. 

Our veteran’s name is Marcil A. Ratisbonne. He was born at the Château de Losse in France in 1912 and joined the French Army in the 1930s. He came to the US just before the start of WWII and settled in Cumberland, RI. He was drafted in 1943, ended up in the US Army and joined up with the 3rd Infantry Division. The fact that he spoke more than one language was an asset. On their way through Austria, his unit discovered the Castle at Klessheim. Most of the young soldiers had never been out of their home states, let alone out of the country, so stumbling across this castle in a remote area must have been quite an amazing experience for them. Not so much for Marcil as he had grown up in Europe. He was not there early enough to indulge in all of the medals and badges but he was not to be denied. He certainly had a great eye for beauty and also knew that this silverware would hopefully be quite pleasing to his new bride back in Rhode Island. 

I'm not sure just how much use these received in the Ratisbonne household as they had been nestled for decades in this large suitcase before they came into my possession. Now it's time to share this treasure trove with collectors throughout the world. Here is an opportunity to purchase fully documented silverware at less than half the cost of AH or HG pieces.

Each piece will come with our unconditional, written, lifetime money back guarantee regarding originality and a copy of this statement.


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