Allach Porcelain Ceramic Ashtray

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Allach Porcelain Ceramic Ashtray-This extremely rare piece was catalog number K-512 in the Allach guide. Unlike Allach pieces that were produced for display, these were produced to be used which most were. After that they were broken, lost or used up. These had an extremely low production number on top of that. Allach Porcelain manufactured at least 4 variant Ashtrays or "Aschenbecher" the first produced in 36/37 and discontinued and followed by a run of another model where a total of 480 were produced. A third model showing no production for 1938 or 1939. And then there is K-512. K-512 is the last piece listed in the production figures for 1938/39 with 219 produced in 1938 and none produced in 1939. So, this is incredibly rare. It is green finished with the SS Allach mark on the bottom. It measures 7” across and aside from some minor finish loss, it is excellent. Rare!