Tableware-Porcelain and Other

Most of us collectors think of soldiers out in the field eating from mess kits with simply knives, forks and spoons. However, there is a whole other world out there when the soldiers were in training camps and schools before heading out and just using combat gear. Many of these facilities survived the bombings and attacks and in some cases were used after the war by the victorious occupation forces. The mess halls were still stacked with the same dishes, platters, soup bowls, pots and pans along with an ample supply of eating and serving utensils. 
Goodness only knows how these GIs managed to bring or send so many of these home, and how they survived the journey. Some can still be found in Germany at flea markets and antique shops with a conspicuous tag hiding the offensive symbols.
We have a nice selection of original pre-May 8th, 1945 examples located here at very moderate prices. Rest assured; we shall pack them very carefully so they can continue their journey from our home to yours!

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