German WWII 1934 1935 Kampf Um Unsere Saar Heimat

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German WWII 1934 1935 Kampf Um Unsere Saar Heimat-This tinnie is made out of a stamped steel that has a bronze tone to it. It measures 38mm tall. At the top are the dates 1934–1935 and below this is you can see the large cathedral in the city of Saar. Below the church is the script that translates to “Fight for our Saar Homeland”. This badge shows little wear, and the vertical pin the reverse has been glued back onto the pin. This glue looks aged, and this may have happened a long time ago, but we can’t be certain. The person who glued the pin was a little messy, so please be sure to look at the glue on the reverse. BUT the good news is that this pin isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The pin itself functions just fine. This is a pretty little tinnie that needs a good home.