Adolf Hitler Bronze Bust

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Adolf Hitler Bronze Bust-This is a fantastic life-sized example, one of the best we have ever seen. It is stamped FERDINAND LIEBERMANN on the back of the neck. In addition, the side of the square slab at the base of the bust called the plinth is inscribed GUSS BRANDSTETTER MUNICH. The total height is approximately 12 ½”. Ferdinand Liebermann was a German sculptor born on January 15th, 1885 and died in Munich on November 28th, 1941. He received a large number of state contracts from the Führer, Adolf Hitler because Hitler valued them very highly. One of his busts of the Führer adorned the Munich City Hall. His busts of the Führer are considered to be the most expressive, sought-after and desirable.  An absolutely beautiful example!

Liebermann was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. During the Third Reich he received numerous state commissions and served as artistic adviser to the city council of Munich. At the "Great German Art Exhibitions" (Große Deutsche Kunstausstellungen) in the Haus der Kunst he exhibited a total of 16 works. He also completed a bronze bust of Hitler's niece Geli Raubal, from which Hitler had numerous copies made for display in his residences. This example has a beautiful patina and remains in excellent condition. The original marble base is included which makes the piece stand 15” tall overall. Due to the size and weight, there will be a shipping expense added to this offering. Please inquire. Amazing!