NOW IDENTIFIED-WWII Japanese Army Warm Air Thermometer

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WWII Japanese Army Warm Air Thermometer-This is a unique item, in a beautifully constructed wooden case which measures 16” across by approx. 3 ¼” high, by 7 ½” deep. There are Japanese Kanji characters on the top as well as under the lid. There is a series of compartments in the interior, and some of the components are missing but there is an intricate glass tube still present which gives me the impression that this was used as some type of measuring device. It has a black handle on the top as well as a metal tag indicating what it is. UPDATE!! Thanks to our friend Phil B, we now know that this is an Imperial Japanese Army Warm Air Thermometer which was used at various airfields and weather stations. Originally included was a stand and another thermometer but these are missing.