Der Schneidermeister Tailors Compendeum of Newspapers

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Der Schneidermeister Tailors Compendeum of Newspapers-This is a collection of newspapers targeted to tailors in the early 1930’s. There are patterns, designs and other information. This is a collection from January 1932 through July 1932 of each newsprint. 100’s of pages of information. The book itself is showing its age, it is very fragile, but still readable. It does have some water and age damage, and the linen binding is loose, but still a very interesting collectible. The compendium itself is very large, 13 ¼” by 9 ½”, and weighs approx. 7 pounds, so this is not a book for the lighthearted If you have any interest in the style and fashions of the 1930’s, this is a really neat collection of articles.  Of course, it’s all in German. The cardboard cover of the book is flaking and is in very poor shape, so please make sure to review the photos. The binding has become unfastened at the bottom of this book, so again, please review photos.