Desirable Hermann Göring KPM Gravy Boat "Fuchsgeheck-Wilde Gänse und Enten"

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Desirable Hermann Göring KPM Gravy Boat "Fuchsgeheck-Wilde Gänse und Enten"- This pattern is known as “fox hatchlings - wild geese and ducks” from his hunting service. White, glazed porcelain with gold rim and iron red decoration. Very finely painted depiction of a vixen with cubs or geese and ducks. On the flag of the drip plate is Göring's coat of arms in gold rim. In the base there is a blue underglazed scepter mark, a red imperial orb mark in overglaze, the title "Fuchsgeheck" or "Wild Geese and Ducks" and an indistinct impressed mark. Partly stained, possible restoration? Dimensions are approximately 25 x 19 x 9 cm. Very rare! (Provenance: Hermann Historica, October 20, 2006, A 51, lot 3013)