Deutsche Polizei Kalendar 1940

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Deutsche Polizei Kalendar 1940- This is a hardcover pocket calendar 1942 for the Gendarmerie. This book would be for police, constabulary and administrative officers. This is an exceptionally nice, little-used example of the rare circa 400-page heavily illustrated Deutsche Polizei Kalender for 1940. These kalenders were published by order of the Reichsführer-SS and Chief of German Police in the Nazi Ministry of the Interior, Heinrich Himmler himself. These were for the Kameradschaft Deutscher Polizeibeamten, and published by Verlag Deutsche Kultur-Wacht in Berlin, Germany. The book contains so much information on housing work allowances, payroll information, NSDAP organizational charts and more. This book has no illustrations as the previous years, but again, it’s full of information. The book itself is in great shape. The green and white hardcover looks great, the binding is tight, and the pages are very clean though age toned. These are fun to read.