Early Prussian State Forestry Officials Buckle

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Early Prussian State Forestry Officials Buckle-This is the Prussian State Forestry Officials buckle in bronze with a gilted gold finish,  and would be used with the “B” tunic. The raised, pebbled field features a Prussian eagle clutching a sword in its right talons and lightning bolts in its left. There is a swastika on its chest. The outer edge has a row of laurel leaves terminating in a ribbon at the bottom. The buckle is in very good condition, there is some dirt and slight discoloration, but minimal wear and scratching. There is what appears to be a piece of paper or something where this was either stored or displayed, we have not attempted to clean this off.  One naturally finished brass keeper is present, the keeper and the buckle do have some verdigris. A simple hook for the belt catch is seen as well. A near excellent example overall!