Exotische: French Kepis of the Twentieth Century

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Exotische: French Kepis of the Twentieth Century- By Paul Sack and Robby Wilson, in Association with The Wilson History and Research Center, Contributing Authors Jordan Winter and Xavier Aiolfi, 2012. The Wilson History and Research Center is proud to present the second volume in a series on rare and exotic headgear of the 20th Century. This volume focuses on kepis of the French military, largely assembled from the Wilson History and Research Center’s prestigious French collection. Hundreds of extraordinarily unique headpieces are masterfully photographed and presented in this significant hardbound work. Collectors, historians and researchers have a rare opportunity to see the highest quality digital photographs that bring life to the intricate patterns that make French kepis such bold and beautiful works of art, from bright colors to the intricate braiding and embroidery. This book is not only a wonderful opportunity to see a magnificent collection, but also to bring to light an infrequent topic of study that is seldom covered in any language. The authors present this work in a manner to further educate the public through a photographic study, which lends itself to comparison and examination through elaborate details. Exotische Volume Two acts as a permanent reference and affords the collector and researcher a unique opportunity to view these historically significant kepis that are unmatched in construction. All the unique embroidery and design that is distinct to French kepis are presented in this wonderful volume. Exotische Volume Two presents an astounding collection of kepis worn by France’s military leaders, including those worn by Marshal Foch, Marshal Petain, and General Weygand. Without a doubt this book is essential to every French collector or enthusiast. The authors are incredibly excited about this endeavor and are overjoyed to be sharing these amazing historical artifacts! 288 pages.