EXTREMELY RARE Reich Minister Hermann Göring Ok.d. Luftwaffe Command Flag

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EXTREMELY RARE Reich Minister Hermann Göring Ok.d. Luftwaffe Command Flag-This was the command flag for the Reichs Minister and Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe (pre Reichsmarshal) Hermann Göring. This is the first of its kind that we have ever had to offer. It is produced in bunting with printed imagery. It is two sided, each side being a separate piece of material that is sewn together. Each side has a gold, swastika emblazoned border and a red field with black and white columns. One side has a large gold Luftwaffe eagle inside a silver wreath. A Pour le Merite is hanging from the swastika of the eagle. This side has gold swastikas at the ends of the black and white columns. The opposite side has a large gold swastika in the center, surrounded by a silver wreath. This side has large gold Luftwaffe eagles at the end of the black and white columns. The hoist end has a white reinforcement sewn over a thick rope lanyard. One end of the lanyard is free while the other has a loop. The looped end has a snap clip which is just clipped through the loop. The free end has a swivel snap clip looped into it. The flag is very clean, showing only very minor discoloration. There are multiple, very minor pin holes in a few spots. These are minor but need to be mentioned. The reinforcement is stamped “Ob. d. L. 1.5 x 1.5” which stands for Oberkommando der Luftwaffe and the size in meters. There is also a red ink stamped with the eagle and M which is a Kriegsmarine stamp. This comes from a 50-year collection. We were told that it was used on Görings yacht the Carin II and this would lend credence to this but we have no proof. See the pic of her with the flag and Göring on the deck in his summer white uniform. The flag measures an impressive 59” square. A very rare item!