Fabulous Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring Portrait

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Fabulous Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring Portrait-This is stunning! The signature is a PRINT. The portrait measures 21 ½” by 30”. Framed, the overall dimensions are 32” by 39 ½”. We are not sure of the vintage of the frame but it is not of the period. The portrait print is in great condition. The artists name and date are seen on the bottom right corner, Luitpold Adam, 1941. Adam was an official war artist during the First World War; and he was chosen by Adolf Hitler to be the head of the Nazi war artist program in the Second World War. The portrait shows Göring in his light blue waffenrock with cape and baton. He is wearing his blue visor cap as well as his Knights Cross, Pour le Merite and Grand Cross. Impressive! (EXTRA POSTAGE REQUIRED)