German Military “Truppen-Besteck” Field Surgery Kit

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German Military “Truppen-Besteck” Field Surgery Kit-This is a large green finished metal case with the stenciled script on the lid “Truppen-Besteck 1935”. This indicates that this a field surgery kit. The reinforced wooden case measures 16’ long by 11” across and 6” tall. There are reinforced metal transport handles on each side. There are metal latch closures for the lid. Inside, there is a dazzling array of contents plus the lid has a large decal indicating what the full extent of the contest originally was. It is compartmentalized and lined in grass green felt. Of course, there was more included originally but there is still quite a bit that is part of the lot. There are four smaller stainless cases which are empty. A Red Cross armband is included. The large stainless cases have a few different tools including scissors and tweezers etc. A very unique and interesting offering!