German Non-Portable Award for 1930 Sports Competition

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German Non-Portable Award for 1930 Sports Competition- Since Germany was no longer admitted to the Olympic Games after the end of WW1, the German Reich Committee for Physical Education organized alternative summer and winter combat games for German athletes in 1922, 1926 and 1930. This silver coin measures 3 ½ inches or 8.5cm in diameter and would have been awarded for merit. The face of this beautiful coin displays an ornate crest with the date 1930 on either side of it. Along the edge of the coin is the script “FÜR VERDIENSTVOLLE MITARBEIT”. Below the crest is the name Bresslau. The other side of this award is very ornate, it shows figures in a Greek style. There are also displays of number of sporting events. In the center is another crest that shows an eagle above the words “DEUTSCHE KAMPFE SPIELE”. There are two tiny drill holes on the side of this medal that are used for mounting. Not sure if these are original or added later by a collector or owner. This award is produced in tombak with a nickel silver finish that is very nicely toned. The maker’s name, Karl Pöllath Schrobenhausen. Handsome display piece.