German Pre WWI Flare Gun

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German Pre WWI Flare Gun- This is a Hebel Leuchtpistole Model 1894 that is a flare gun used in both World Wars by Germany and various countries. The term Hebel (German > "lever") referred to the pistol's lever-action, not the manufacturer. The lever in front of the trigger guard was flipped up and forward to open the breech. The barrel on this gun, as you can see is very long, measuring 6 ½ inches long. It is in excellent condition. The wood on the handle has a small crack but has a great tone and is overall in very good shape. On the bottom of the handle is a metal ring.  It interesting that when I was looking up the history of this model of flare gun, it referenced that you can see a modified version of this Model 1894 flare gun in Season 2, Episode 9 of the Mandalorian. How cool is that!  This gun is in great condition and would look super on anyone’s wall.